Jenny’s story-The traditional dish of Filipino

HI, This is Jenny ^^

I have been to Cebu 2 moths already, I always go to one place- IT park, there is so many delicious food. Last week I tried a LOCAL FOOD, Lets me show you how the great restaurant.

There are many things to admire here in the Philippine especially, Cebu city.

Philippines, is the country in which you can encounter a lot of hospitable Filipino people with their constant smile and captivating goodness within their heart.

The food of this country is great especially this restaurant named Boy Zugba. Boy Zugba is located near IT.Park in Cebu. I was captivated by their restaurant designs. It was unique, colorful and quite attractive.



I was impressed when I first saw the main dish, it is a boodle fight. In which, there are different kind of meat, rice and vegetable on top of banana leaves. The leaves of the banana, serves as their plates. Filipino used their bare hands in boodle fight. This is so hilarious.
At first, I felt strange and not comfortable but when I already did the ‘’kamaya’’ thing or boodle fight. It’s easy for you to be full and the food is very delicious and very affordable.



‘’Boodle fight’’ is also known as ‘’a military style of eating’’ in which food piled on top of banana leaves laid out on a long table.

In Boy Zugba restaurant, there were a lot of dish, namely, pancit, pork barbeque, seafoods, cheese chaiza and many others.

This restaurant is humbly produce by Filipino people.



If you’re willing to know more about Filipino tradition and their delicacies, I recommend you to visit here.