Woody’s story-CIJ Sparta Halloween party 2019

Hi everyone, I am Woody.

Today I want to share to you the happenings of CIJ’s Halloween party.

By the time that you will enter the restaurant, you can feel the atmosphere of Halloween with thrilling music and lighting.

Every students and teachers are dress with funny costumes.

All were so cautious in preparing for this event.



First the teachers performing wonderful presentation in the beginning of the program.
The highlight of this event is the catwalk competition. Everyone are doing their best show their costumes
They have special idea in persuading the judge to choose them as winners.




During the event, the host is leading games to ensure there is an interaction between teachers and students. They played different kind of games
The atmosphere of the party is great and everyone is so happy.



This is my first time to attend a Halloween party. I never thought how fun it is Thank you CIJ teachers and staffs for giving us a special party and enjoyment . Thanks also to the school for hosting such a party.



Again Thanks you a lot , for us ,it was one-of-a-kind experience .

We’re having a great and wonderful time. Goodbye, until next time!