Anna’s story-10k roses

Hi. This is Anna studying in CIJ Academy & school Premium campus.

I decided to study in Philippine because, Philippine is the best way to learn English compare to other countries.
Today, I’m going to tell you about my experience here in Cebu.
One of the tourist destination is the 10k roses cafe in Cebu. The 10k roses cafe is a tourist attraction and cafe located in Cordova, Cebu that has grown popular in recent years. Roughly taking an hour to get from Cebu City, it features two patches of artificial LED roses that light up from dusk till night. Most visitors go for the ‘ instagrammable’ appeal to it.



The best time to go isn’t at night. Contrary to what you might think, night time is the prettiest time for the roses but the worst time for photos.

This is because there really isn’t any other light sources around. So when you try and take photo you’d either be pitch black figure or be forced to use flash.


Try to go around dusk to you have enough light for great photos and still have the lighted roses surrounding you. This one might depend what time you go, but during the might there are lots of people in the area.



The rose area along with the cafe has an entrance fee of 20 peso, which is affordable.
If you think that the flowers there are purely real, Oh no: might better erase that imagination.
In really, 10k roses are not really real roses. This place is good for pictures only. Especially if you want to do vlog or post it on facebook.



So far, This is just part of my experience here in Cebu.