Milanda’s story- tourist spot here in Cebu

Hi everyone.

This is Milanda and I’ll be going to show some tourist spot here in Cebu.

This place is what called the Little Amsterdam or Siroa Flower Garden. This is one of the most spotted place here in Cebu. It’s very very beautiful and peaceful. You can relax while watching clouds and the mood is good. This place is good for taking pictures. If you want to travel and explore more about Cebu,

I recommend you to visit Siroa Flower Garden.

How to go to Siroa Flower Garden?

First, You need to rent a motor bike or rent a van or taxi. When I go there, I’m just renting a motor bike with my friends, which is very affordable or cheap for me, and It’s very comfortable and If you’re using a motor bike it’s easy for you to reach the place.

How much is the entrance fee?
Okay, Entrance fee is about 100p each.
How long it will take from CIJ to Siroa Flower Garden?
It takes 1 hour from CIJ to Siroa Garden. So far experience in Siroa Flower Garden is very amazing and thankful. That I arrived in CIJ safely from Siroa Garden.
Thank you.