Woody’s story-CIJ Sparta Halloween party 2019( Preparations)

Hi everyone, I am Woody.

I encountered a very different and enjoyable party in CIJ. And that was CIJ’s Halloween costume party. I was very happy because I was able to participate on that special event while studying in CIJ. Because Halloween activity in our country is not popular. So, that was my first time in my whole life to participate in Halloween costumes.

The school really prepared that event with great care. I saw that the office staffs and teachers spent a lot of time on the layout of the Halloween party. They set the restaurant very atmospheric. While staying inside, I really felt the atmosphere of Halloween.



In decorating the place, teachers and office staffs used cardboards in marking coffins, draw Halloween back-grounds, cut spiders and spider web lastly they prepared and used black curtains and colored lights.



Besides, students also were hardly preparing their own creative costumes. They created different costumes like spider man, panda, soldier and so on.




Some of them used weekend time in making their costumes .They tried and did all their best to make some creative and unique costumes. They bought materials in different shopping malls just to find unique and exact materials for it .but most of them went to GAISANO, the closest shopping mall in CIJ. And successfully bought what they needed.



Of course students cannot make it without teacher’s help. So, most of them were asking help from their teachers .Teachers have to prepared also but still they helped their students.



They had teamwork to come up with successful and amazing party .It seems like everyone was eager to win and enjoy that is why, they did their best.


So I will post next time how was the party really was.

See you soon ^^