Woody’ experience story-[talks about Red House Taiwan Sha-bu Sha-bu]

Hi everyone, I am Woody.

The problem that I encountered when I was studying in Cebu is that I miss Taiwanese food. After all, Taiwan is a gourmet country. Today I want to share with you the favorite food hot pot of Taiwanese people. I felt very happy when I went to red house Taiwan sha-bu sha-bu in Cebu. To tasted and ate Taiwanese food.

This restaurant is not just for Taiwanese’s favorite, but also for Japanese and Korean. CIJ students and I went there to ate Taiwan’s most famous food and we tasted different food menu, after that it was really delicious!


This is a Taiwanese restaurant in Cebu, Philippines. The name is Red House Taiwan Sha-bu Sha-bu.

The soup head and dishes of the hot pot selected in the store were all shipped from Taiwan, very much.

In this restaurant, staffs are all Filipino .Their serve is as good as Taiwan’s serve.



The Red House is a Taiwanese restaurant. The menu is written in Chinese and English, but they used Chinese words specially it is easy for Chinese people to read and ordered easily. I think if we are going to compare this restaurant to another restaurant, this Chinese restaurant is very special. Because it is very convenient.

Today we chose the shabu-shabu (spicy pot, basic soup base)


The spicy pot here is very different from Taiwan. Because in here, the clerk will give you a bowl of spicy sauce, and then pour it into the soup and mix it together.

The most unique thing about this restaurant is the unlimited supply of sauce, with sand, soy sauce, onion, chopped green onion, coriander and garlic. For Taiwanese people, hot pot and sand tea sauce are indispensable. If there is less sand tea sauce, it is not a hot pot.


We ordered a meal good for four people, including beef and pork, green vegetables, hot pot dishes from Taiwan, and seafood. Although there is still a little gap if we compared in Taiwan, we all feel satisfied. If we order without Taiwanese BBQ sauce (sate) we can’t say that it is Taiwanese style. So this sauce for Taiwanese is very important. We can enjoy eating and easily become full.



We can see the left side of the dish, there are many hot pots, most special with the small lobster and Taiwan’s face is very rare in the Philippines.

There are also many Taiwanese-style gourmet fried dumplings, fried rice and other Taiwanese local cuisine.

We ordered fried rice and it was made from Taiwanese sauce.



The hot pot came to an end and I really enjoyed it, because I never thought that Cebu had a hot pot restaurant in Taiwan.

If you are free, I really welcome you to taste the Taiwanese favorite hot pot.

I hope to see you in the near future!!