Souvenirs and specialties at CeBu



You go to any market in the Philippines to see people selling key chains with many different shapes, each with many funny shapes or symbols of love like hearts. This is a quite affordable gift so visitors can buy one for souvenirs or buy more to give to relatives and friends.




Kaycee shoes in Boracay is a souvenir when traveling to the Philippines, many tourists seek to buy as gifts for friends and relatives when visiting tourist destinations in the Philippines. Where you buy Kaycee shoes at the Kaycee Shoes retail store. Kaycee Shoes are located inside the most popular D’Mall in Boracay very close to White Beach. Kaycee Shoes sells all kinds of footwear. The kind of shoes are eye-catching, stylish and very beautiful design. The quality and durability of the slippers are undisputed. These sandals are constructed from different materials so you will be able to find one of your favorite footwear. Depending on the product, each has a different price, but the price of footwear here is not too expensive, only about 10 to 15 pesos/pair. If you buy a pair that does not fit, you can ask the seller in return.



Dried mango

A type that many people choose to buy as a gift, guys. Many people also call this dish dried mango, flexible mango, … perhaps because it tastes much different than regular dried fruits. This dried mango, when you eat it, will feel soft, very fragrant and not too dry, you will never feel bored after eating ^^. There are many places producing this fruit in the Philippines, but Cebu is considered the mother of that dried Mango.




With abundant materials, from the seashells, the local people have made very lovely jewelry, they are popular souvenirs in the Philippines such as earrings, animals. In addition, you can also find glass jars inside filled with pure white sand with seashells. Many people often buy those glass jars for display on the school display or very nice desk.