Tina Experience Story – Other Special Meal Of CIJ Student

Actually I don’t want to introduce about this restaurant where is poplar CIJ students hangouts

But its wonderful place and I’d like to let you guys experienced this restaurant

If you were CIJ student, you can go there in 1 minute

And you might find three groups of CIJ students in here

It’s called “ Albur’s restaurant”

Idyllically located near the tree, you can’t find out this restaurant easily because it isn’t located avenue. If you chance your visit during lunch of dinner, id strongly recommend visiting this restaurant for hands down the best meal not only Philippine foods but also American foods I have devoured in Philippine

1 location


2 Restrunt inside

You can enjoy band music while eating and drinking. You must feel wind of Cebu in there

Because there are two type of seat, there are roof or not


3 memu

There are main meal, hamburger, pasta and so on, as well as finger food

Sisigu, traditional food in here, is most recommend food and most Filipinos teacher recommended CARBONARA to me. I can guess that everyone like meat in here. Lets try it if you go here

4 My oder


Let’s have an ice-cold beer!!

We ordered two meals. The food here is phenomenal whenever you order

The Hamburger with egg and beacon, is nothing one I can say because there’s no way go wrong with that combination

I really like the test of the pork meats which got crunchy skin and you don’t feel boring because of two kind of source although someone feel that it’s somewhat hard meat

I can highly recommend go here to eat and drink



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