Emma’s story-The Temple of Leah

Hi everyone. I’m Emma.

This picture is one of the best temple here in Cebu. What we call ‘’ Temple of Leah” The Temple of was constructed in the year 2012.

Temple of Leah has many old furniture inside. The ambiance is really beautiful and you can feel peace and harmony as you go inside ‘’heartily recommend this place to you, because this place is like a Taj Mahal in India and it’s very good for taking pictures. More importantly, the temple will serve as testament to Filipinos innate creativity, compassion and Faith.

The Temple of Leah is located at Roosevelt St, Bray. Busay Cebu city.



The entrance fee is only 50 peso per head. Very cheap.



How to get there?
From downtown Cebu, you can ride a Jeepny going to the said temple at the University of San Carios in front of Jolibee going to JY Square(P10, one way).
From JY Square, ride another jeepny going to Busay(P10, one way) and ask to dropped off at the mountain view highway intersection. From there, you can walk going to the said place.