Hi everyone, I’m Misa-student from Vietnam, I’m currently attending a 2-month training course at CIJ.

Before I chose CIJ, I also learned about the school, I know that the students at the school are Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Vietnamese students, but Korean students still make up the majority The number of students at the school, and CIJ is a Korean private school. Therefore dishes are prepared in veriety of customs in different country.

In fact, Vietnam tasty  is very different from Korean people, I think the similarity is to be able to eat spicy and rice . I was worried about eating before I came here.

This is food in first day.

Pork stir-fry  with dried vermicelli fibers combined with cabbage and carrots, kimchi, fried sweet potatoes, egg soup, mixed fruits and milk  (I don’t know what to call). To be honest, I felt stir-fried pork , soup and kim combined suitable my taste. another the dishes, I will try to enjoy again the next time. haha.

This is the second meal.

Rice, chicken with deep fried bread, fried potatoes with spices, sauce (sour and sweet, I don’t know the name), seaweed soup and kimchi always. Seaweed soup is wonderful. As far as I know, the Philippines is a big and famous seaweed exporter.

This is beakfast.

always have rice, salat cabbage, I don’t like cabbage . Always have fruit and Juice  for breakfast.

I will share more for you the next time when I have free time and special informations.

Cordial and goodbye!