Cảm nhận của học viên Đài Loan – Pony

Hello everyone,

I’m Pony, I would like to share some of my experience with you.

  • How about my teachers?

I only want to say that “All of my teachers are awesome! ” They taught me not only English, but also shared attraction, singing, dancing with me. Yes! You’re not wrong, It’s just a dancing! I found out that Filipinos are good at dancing, singing. Before, I had a class with T.Alley. Once, during our class, we suddenly talked about dancing. She showed me a little part, I laugh a lot and imitated her, the scene was interesting!

  • How about my classes?

I love my classes their teaching style is really good. I never got bored in my classes. The teachers are humorous. They also prepared handout what I want to learn for me.

  • How about my life in Cebu?

Amazing! Because we can not go out on weekdays, my friends and I usually plan schedule of weekends earlier, we excepted our schedule every weekend, we went to Island hopping, Ayala mall, SM Seaside and so on.

  • How about CIJ academy?

In fact, I never regret that I chose CIJ for study ,the environment is quite good, especially there are two swimming pool inside the campus. When I studied in Sparta , I usually went swimming with Korean , Japanese and Vietnamese and so on. I was always happy in there , I really had a good time with all of my close friends. I love them , and  I also love Sparta campus.

Taiwanese Student