Woody’s Story-[Moon Festival]

Hi everyone, I am Woody.

Last week, it was Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. I was unable to go back to Taiwan to eat barbecues when I was studying in Cebu. We went to SM Consolacion shopping mall. From school to go there, it took 15minutes by jeepney. And finally, we eat in Korean barbecue.

I think, you didn’t know what Mid-Autumn Festival is! Why during the Mid-Autumn Festival we will want to eat barbecue, let me tell you about this festival.

Mid-autumn Festival, is a China 『s ancient holiday, because in August 15 this day is in autumn center, therefore we called Mid-autumn it Festival. The holiday characteristic eats the moon cake and raises the lantern.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival for Chinese people, but only the Taiwanese people have a barbecue festival on this day, even known as the “Barbecue Festival”.

I don’t know from what year, Every time in Mid-Autumn Festival, Taiwanese will gather with friends and family to eat barbecue.

Because we couldn’t find a Chinese restaurant in Cebu, we decided to go to Korean barbecue.



The quality of this Korean restaurant is very good, it is unlimited and you can enjoy eating with friends for 350 peso only.

Let’s talk about the feelings and experiences of the CIJ class.




In fact, we will also eat moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-autumn Festival’s traditional food is the moon cake, the moon cake is a circular, the symbolic reunion, had reflected people happy desire which reunite to the family member.



I am very happy to be able to live in a different Mid-Autumn Festival in Cebu, and I feel very happy when I am with my classmates.