Office staffs in Sparta Campus – Hiroki’s Experience Story

Hello I am a Japanese Intern Manager Hiroki
Nowadays , It’s been rainy days , I can feel good while it’s raining because it’s actually cool, but after it stops raining , it becomes so humid that makes us so uncomfortable…
Anyway , I will introduce our office staffs in Sparta campus for today !!


At first , she is a JILL in charge of Education Team , Mainly she handles consultation with students about schedule , change of their teachers etc,… so students spend more time talking to her , she is friendly and sense of humor so she is popular from students


Secondary , this is Accountant ElSIE.
New students pay for local fee to her on their first day . Basically students don’t have time to communicate with her although , she is talkative and energetic also full of youth !! haha
so students can easily talk to her . students on their first day don’t know anything about process of paying , so If you have any question about finance , feel free to ask her !!


Thirdly , she is JOHANNA in charge of facility .
she mainly administrate problem of students rooms , Actually she is popular as the one of the beautiful staff here in CIJ , of course everyone is beautiful haha
By the way , if you have problem in your room such as water in a toilet bowl doesn’t flush well , air conditioner is not activated , water is leaking from shower tab and so on , please tell her about any problems related to facility.


Finally , last one is ALFRED in charge of SERVICE Team .
He is the only one male employee among office staffs . he is always singing a song whenever he want hahah Mainly he supports students who want to go to travel and how to go where they go , so if you have any question related to Cebu , feel free to ask him !! He is certainly helpful !! what’s more , He is also in charge of orientation for new students so I think there are some students who just come to the Philippines don’t have any idea about the Philippines , that time you can also ask him .

this time , I mainly introduced our office staffs. all of them are hilarious and friendly that remove your anxiety and concern . Experience story for today ends here see ya !