Gourmet – Hiroki’s experience story


Hello I’m Japanese Intern manager Hiroki
Anyway , It’s always hot here,,,ι(´Д`υ)
Today , I will introduce some gourmet here in Cebu
イメージ 1
This is tonkatsu meal where you can eat near shopping mall in banilad
they serve Japanese and Korean foods
basically , they have variety of tonkastu meals and Japanese traditional cold noodle named soba
price of them are also reasonable so, I sometime visit there
the main reason why I sometime come here is that all of meals except for main dishes are all you can eat !! this is one of the most attractive reason why I come here haha
イメージ 2
this food also you can eat near shopping mall in banilad ]
I ate this tonkotsu ramen at one of a restaurant in food court
you can eat so many kinds of food there such as Korean foods and local foods as well as Japanese foods
the quality of those foods are of course less than Japanese food I introduced earlier , although
the price of them are too cheap and taste of them are actually good enough
I was totally satisfied of both of them taste and price
If you are curious about the foods , please search for them !!
イメージ 3
this is one of a Vietnamese food named PHO!!
it’s probably famous in Japan as well
about fabric of noodle , it’s big and chewy in comparison with Japanese one
and also there is Chinese parsley in it , most of Japanese probably don’t like it because it smells like medicine hahaha
personally I like it , so , I want to eat it at least once a week
However , the price of it is quite expensive so , it is not easy to reach in deed
the restaurant searving PHO is chain-restaurant that is way you can find the restaurant every where in Cebu
イメージ 4
this restaurant is located on A.S Fortuna street
As you can see the picture above , it is steak
quality of the stake was harder and taste was stronger than I expected
But My friends I ate together with said , it is too tasty !!
thus , If you like something pungent , you might like here haha
My experience story for today is over , nowadays , I always talk about foods
but I’m getting thinner haha