Let’s learn English with Betty at CIJ Sparta Campus – Let’s go to see the class environment!

Many people ask me, “Is the Philippines very hot?” Yes!Philippines located in the tropics, the average annual temperature is above 25 degrees. There is no winter here.


The sun is hot, but as long as you stay in a shaded place, the body feels quite comfortable. It  maybe because the sea breeze is constantly blowing, so it is not stuffy.


I don’t have to worry about the hot weather in the Philippines, because there are air conditioners in the classrooms that are men-to-men or group classes.

However, if you want to change the environment, you can also go outdoors with the teacher.

A relaxed and enjoyable environment where students can learn in a relaxed state of mind.I believe that through such a learning atmosphere, you can increase your interest and initiative in learning, and make your learning more effective.

Not only the environment, but also the quality of the teacher is also the key to our English learning.Filipino teachers are young and energetic, and because of this, they are very easy to be friend with students.


Especially in men-to-men classrooms, class interaction is as natural as chatting with friends, so even if you are a person who is very afraid of speaking English, you can progress through the teacher’s guidance.