Shiny’s Story [Delicious Filipino Restaurant – The Weekend]


This restaurant is very close to the CIJ Premium. If you take the small path of the tennis court, it will take 10 minutes to get there only. In The Greenery, the first floor will go to the right hand side and you will see it!


I went to the second floor to eat straightly , the atmosphere on the second floor was really great and there have a bartender bar.




My favorite is the pork chopst. Its spent PHP350.

And the suuny side up egg is served with dirty rice (just garlic rice), very delicious.

That’s the delicious garlic rice when I took in philippine.

Pork ribs are also very delicious, but there is a little greasy, you must eat enough for people who eat a lot.


Dessert is a carrot cake with cashew nuts is very refreshing.

Finally, the part of the bartending

We called beer and bartending is a very novel taste.


Finally invite everyone to try it out!

Who said that Philippine cuisine is not good.