[PREMIUM] 研修後記(台湾の生徒さん)


The first time I learned English in foreign countries was really impressive. I came to CIJ with a nervous heart, worried about language communication problems, teachers’ teaching methods, whether the environment can adapt, and whether roommates are kind.


The first week of the first arrival may be unacceptable, and I got a bad cold to. I have been cured for 3 weeks. The teachers and classmates were very care me. I recommend many local ways to treat colds. For example, the teacher suggested that you can try calamansi. With hot water, local people to deal with cold natural medicine: students recommend to go to the local supermarket to buy turmeric powder brewing, can enhance resistance; they also suggest that you can go to the local pharmacy to buy candy to relieve symptoms. With these enthusiastic and friendly teachers and classmates, you can feel full of care and warm in a different contry.


The location of CIJ College is good. In a safe and rich resident area, although it is a little far from supermarkets and restaurants, it is not too far from a large shopping mall. The teachers of the college are very enthusiastic . They often encourage students to bravely practice English conversations. When communicating with other students, although I felt difficult at the beginning, I found interesting thing to chat with friends from different countries when I talked with them. In the group class, you can also discuss the different cultures, society, customs, traditions, etc. of other countries through the discussion of the teacher’s problems. In my case, this first experience was very excited and impressive. The teachers were also happy to share the local cultural characteristics, and through their cultural introductions, they can also practice their speaking skills .


The study tour made me unforgettable in cebu, passionate Filipino teacherinteresting students from all over the world visiting the scenic spots on weekends, every moment was very fulfilling. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will still want to learn English here. In addition to studying, I can also visit beautiful places and pure islands.


It is worth coming again!