I’m Trang, Vietnamese international students in the Philippines

Today I write on the school website this article to help Vietnamese students get more useful information before officially studying at CEBU, I will try to share with you more articles and This is my first post.

Today, Topic will be a little part around Philippino customs. I was really surprise when I known in a occasion I hang out with local people. The placeman have an eating style like Indians is using thier hands .

KaMaYan party

The various foods, mainly fried and baked was put on banana leave. No spoon without chopsticks, seem Philippino don’t know how to use chopsticks. I just guess.

Recently, in order to increase richness of the meal at the party, placeman also added soups and sauces.

Well, personally , I think, The Philippino have very  good awareness of environmental protection. They usually use the paper bag when they shopping and the air is very fresh

I am a big of fan of cuisine, especailly fish , looking forward to join.

Thank you for watching!