my experience story (ベトナム人生徒さん)

“Dear all,
I am Tuyet – a beautiful girl 😆,
Today, due to the good weather so my feeling is pleasant as well. I want to write something about my journey during English studies. Hope everything that I have written as below is useful for someone who wants to improve English shortly. I think the best necessary element to subdue any languages, have to love them and to be crazy when studying. The first time studied English, I have never spoke loudly because of shy. I always afraid I’m wrong. But I don’t know that I’m learning, I’m not England or American so that’s of course if my pronunciation is not good, right?

I can not believe that I can understand and speak English after 6 months. It’s possible if you study by heart. The way I learn English is very simple and I think everyone can do that. Obviously, I can not improve by myself quickly, I have to count on my teachers to help me including Vietnamese teachers and foreigner teachers. Beginning of study, I studied with Vietnamese teacher within 3 months. Thus, I have reinforced my knowledge about grammar, structure of sentences and vocabulary. After that, I started study with foreigner teacher. Thanks to this, my reflexion in English become better. Apart from, I always arrange my time to participate in English groups even though sometimes busy.

However, it’s not enough to me, it means I am not satisfied with my skills in English.
Fortunately, the English center which I was studying having the program for students who want to go to Philippines to study. I think this is good chance for me so I decided to study abroad. Despite study in another country but the fee is not much expensive. And the methods of study in Philippines is so good. The school’s name is CIJ ACADEMY. Everyday, I had to study from 8 am until 5 pm. Each class lasts 50 minutes. I studied with 4 class “man to man”, the name suggest, I study with a Filipino teacher. Especially, I can ask everything I want such as vocabulary, grammar,… they will follow me up.

Besides, I also have 4 “Group class”, the name suggest, I study with 4-5 students who come from Korea, Taiwan or Japan. You made friend with them and found out their cultures. So interesting. The environment in there is perfect, location near the beach, they have garden, swimming pool,.. In brief, the facilities are OK.
My missions are just study and play. No need to do anything except that. That is a reason after 1 month study there, I find that I improved a lot. As per my opinion, If you want to learn English, asides from study hard, you should find something to make you feel interested in study

With me, the first thing made me love to study English is a simple thing, I just wanna become a successful woman and I really like to receive admiration from another people. It’s one of things gave me inspiration to study everyday. The second thing, because I’m a lover of money, beauty, traveling, so on. That are the reason that I have to get a good job with the high salary to able to buy cosmetics, clothes,… And I realized that I can’t carry out my dreams without English. Finally, the most important thing gave me motivation is my mom. I want her to feel satisfied about my results and proud of me. Sometimes, I think that my mom so lucky because of her daughter not only pretty but also good at the second language. One more time, I hope everybody can find for themselves some methods to be successful in the future. If you have condition, you should register to study at the school which I have described as above.”
(ABBY – Duong Ngoc Tuyet – Vietnamese Student)