my experience story (ベトナム人生徒さん)

Teacher. All of my teacher are very kind, funny and enthusiastic. They always help me in studying, willing to explain whatever i want to know. Difficult to see them again but i never forget them. I love all my teacher.

CIJ English environment, I think that when you study in CIJ, you can speak English whole day, because there are a lot of international students and you can see some places “Only English”. Don’t worry, it’s good for you, you should follow and forget your language in your CIJ studying time. There are man to man classes in CIJ, that’s special thing, difficult to find that in Vietnam. That’s your chance to speak.. Speak and speak.

The Food – some people told me that CIJ food is one of best school food in CEBU. However, some food is good, others is difficult to eat. That’s usual, because every country every taste. Don’t worry, you can buy some instant noodles or canned foods to eat if you can’t eat foods there.

The Staff, they are friendly, enthusiastic and always keep your room, your environment cleanly and ensure your safety. You can talk to them anything if you want, because they can speak English also.

CEBU life, something like Vietnam, however, if you want to buy something you only can buy in the mall. There are a lot of beautiful islands in CEBU, you can visit some places in your free time. Cost of life in CEBU is low, don’t worry about price.

My advice, first of all, when you study in CIJ, you should study hard if you feel your English is worse than everyone, specially, about pronunciation. Sometimes, don’t go out on the weekend, just stay there and practice. Second, “talkative”, you should talk, talk and talk, every time, every where and with anyone, even the staffs. Third, If you want to improve your English, let’s forget your own language in your CIJ studying time. Finally, sometimes, you should go to somewhere to learn Philippines cultures, most importantly, you can practice your English realistically.”

(TINO – Nguyen Chi Luong – Vietnamese Student)