Hi everyone, I’m Misa, I came back today, I was a little sad because the weekend trip is not possible. There is currently a rainy season in Cebu, so it is a continuous rain. June to November is in the rainy season, you come to Cebu to study these months to bring your umbrella.

Early in the morning, exercise then eat breakfast, not really want to wake up early, just because you are now familiar with the time, so you can’t sleep more, just wake up right now.

After two days I experienced the morning for the weekend at the dining room.

This is an American style breakfast, steamed potatoes, porridge, fresh bread, juice, cabbage salad, sugar toast, jam served with bread, and there’s always fruit. Banana in the Philippines tastes great. If you do not match the taste, you can bring Pate, or this side also has a lot of cans such as canned fish meat to eat with bread, or you can get some cabbage and cooked noodles. I often cook noodles with cabbage socks and drink cold juice.

This is a Korean-style morning, I like these dishes, fried rice is very good, Korean people do not use fish sauce like Vietnamese people, they mainly use soy sauce, eat with seaweed soup, and kimchi, these dishes are popular in Vietnam so I think you will like it

I share these dishes with the expectation that you will know the food and daily life in advance, and will help you to prepare more carefully before deciding to study here.

Good bye and see you!