Hi everyone, today I recommend to you a BBQ restaurant near IT park that is AA BBQ.

From Premium Campus it takes about 15-20 minutes by car, I used Taxi to move and I discovered one thing is that if traffic jam or stop the red light, driver still charge the fare, one minute equivalent 2 pesos, and with a taxi, when you open the door and go up again, the extra charge is 40 pesos, some drivers will charge the fare as 50 pesos.

The restaurant will be very crowded on weekends, the menu is mainly pork, seafood (shrimp, squid, steak), sea fish, rice. The fried rice-garlic dish here is very delicious.

This is an overview of the restaurant, tell the taxi driver that the address is AA BBQ and they will take you to the right place.



I think, this is the best dish at here, grilled meats, tender meat and sprinkled sauce on the meat are very charming.



This is the second dish I tried, this dish is served with fried rice garlic, fresh , crispy and sweet squid with a little onion, pepper and soy sauce, simple but keep the freshness of the squid.



Choose the food here, after choosing it, the bill will be added and the staff will help you with the processing.


I have had a wonderful weekend!

Good bye and see you again!