Why Choose CIJ?

CIJ Academy & School is located in Cebu City, Philippines, which is the second largest city in the Philippines following Manila.

Founded in 2003, CIJ Academy operates two campuses, the CIJ PREMIUM (City View) and SPARTA (Ocean View) campuses, each offering complete English language educational services to junior, adult and family student structuring.Whichever campus a student selects, both campuses offer different selections of dormitory facilities (individual or shared) that meet the needs of the most discriminating guests.

Convenience, world-class shopping, social activities and “Philippine-unique” local travel excursions are just the “icing on the cake” for CIJ students.Boasting one of the largest batteries of qualified English language teachers in the area, our English language education programs are diverse, individual and customized to meet the immediate needs of any student at competitive tuition pricing. It’s no mistake why CIJ Academy attracts students from