My experience story(Hiroki)-Teachers of Sparta campus

Hello I am a Japanese student Hiroki 

I will introduce some teachers and classes. I also have classes like other students as a intern manager
I want to share what kind of classes I have and what can I learn there

Speaking class with Teacher Kharlyn

This teacher Kharlyn in charge of my speaking class. she usually ask questions to me and I answered
this sounds like normal class although , she has various prospective including positive and negative ones so I can have the class with her productively.

what’s more she is good in speech and presentation and she knows much vocabulary related to them , on my opinion , those who are planning to study-abroad to other countries after studying here in CIJ are better taking her class in their speaking.

Reading class with teacher ALMA















Test book for Reading


Next is about reading class. teacher alma is in charge of my reading class. 
By and large , Reading class in the Philippines sounds unnecessary, however you can enhance reading comprehension more you do by yourself and you can exchange your opinion with your teacher , your reading class can also be speaking class , what’s more teacher ALMA know more about information based on text book , her experience is abundant ,so she offer much productive class. if there are students are not planning to take reading class , it’s worth taking her class !!

Speaking class with Teacher TERESA

Finally , this is my last class which is also speaking class. My teacher is TERESA in charge of listening class but I asked her to teach me about practical verbal skill and expand my vocabulary strength of studying abroad to the Philippines is actually speaking !! this teacher is as lively and energetic as typical filipina hehe but She focus more on listening to her students and be good in making her class fun !! so inevitably students have much more time to speak and be able to enhance their speaking skill

Realistically , studying is boring but all of teachers are so hilarious and talkative !! you will never feel bored through your classes , actually if you feel fun in your classes , you feel like enjoying taking classes. Joy , Passion , Enjoyment motivate you study more !!

Experience story ends here , thank you for subscribing !!