TAIGA’s story-a small town at the southernmost end of Cebu

Hi! This is TAIGA studying on the CIJ Academy & School Premium campus.

The reason I decided to study abroad is because there are many man-to-man classes. Therefore, I recommend studying in the Philippines to those who wish to study for a short period of time. I will be studying abroad for three months. I hope I can make a meaningful study abroad life for left a month.


Now, what I’m going to talk about as an experience this time is about Oslob, which I went on a day trip on weekends.

This is the southernmost town on Cebu Island, which takes about three hours by express bus from the city. In contrast to Maboro with CIJ, the sea was beautiful in a natural environment! Recently, it has attracted attention from all over the world as a place where wild whale sharks can be seen.


You can go sightseeing on your own without applying for a tour, but I reserved a tour in advance. There was even a guide who could make a reservation from a Japanese site and speak Japanese. The price was about PHP 7000 for a one-day tour.

The whale sharks are always available except for bad weather. They don’t attack humans because they are quiet. Sometimes, they’re so obsessed with food that they don’t realize we’re nearby.

Also, I can rent GoPro, so I can take beautiful photos.

Here’s the ginseng shark that I took with Gopro! It was big and powerful. There were many turtles and beautiful fish as well as whale sharks.

It was a snorkeling course in 30 minutes. There was also a course to look at whale sharks from above the boat without going into the sea.

The ocean is so beautiful!

There were colorful fish swimming in the clear sea.

If you like it, please swim with the whale shark!

It’s a great experience to see them that you can only see in the aquarium close by!


When I study abroad at CIJ, I can study English well on weekdays and enjoy Cebu Island fully on holidays!

Also, since I speak English with the local people, I can also study speaking.

I really recommend studying in the Philippines because I could learn to English and spend great time.



I’d like to end here today.

Thank you for your subscription! Well then!