Introduction & Features

Since 2003, the CIJ Academy has poised itself in becoming one of the leading ESL instruction schools by choice.

Significantly improving the overall English skills of each and every student we encounter is our primary goal.
– John Smith, Academy Principal

At the CIJ Academy & School , instructors and students work closely together in both class room and one-on-one instruction modes transforming vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension and idiomatic expression into real life ability.

Regardless of the student’s background, age or geographical origin, the CIJ Sparta campus offers a wide range of English courses taught by native English instructors direct from major North American cities.

At CIJ, our facilities are comfortable, friendly and focused on making learning fun and productive.

Capacity 53 Nationality
Dormitory 1P 7 Office Staff Japan 1
2P 7 Korea 1
3P 8 China 1
4P 2 Philippines 4
Class Room 1:1 28 Other 1
1:4 2 Teachers Philippines 34
1:8 3 Native 1

※ Campus Security
– 24/7/365 Professional Grounds Security (Interior/Exterior)
– Student Curfew (Sunday ~ Thursday: 11PM, Friday & Saturday: 1 AM)

※ Location
The CIJ Sparta Campus (Liloan), is located in the center of a quiet commercial / residential area that is within walking distance to a variety of conveniences.



Focus Only for Studying

The CIJ Academy Sparta Campus encompasses the full circle of essential learning needs in one action packed plan.

A Learning Environment Structured for Success

The collective CIJ Sparta campus is designed to encourage focus on learning while interacting with native English instructors and other students having the same desire to learn.

First, upon entering the facility the students are subject to an “English Only” speaking requirement that is reinforced within a friendly, corrective environment.

Each area of the facility (boarding and instruction) are closely knit to keep the student’s passion and excitement to learn fresh and alive.


Learning in Tranquility with The latest Resort Style

The CIJ Sparta Academy offers features beyond expectation

The Sparta Method Our Success is Built on Yours

The CIJ SPARTA method of English language training is an original purpose-oriented experience for all students to advance in their life skills. Students having the desire to take on more content beyond the standard weekly curriculum, may take part in our “Saturday Special Classes” offered of charge.

Mingle in Diversity More than 80% foreign student attendance

The CIJ Academy & School enrolls students from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and Vietnam.
Language training, while boarding and speaking English with other foreign students makes for precious memories to last forever.

Level System

The CIJ Academy & School teachers a training level system which contains three stages based on the student’s initial entrance evaluation: Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced.

Depending on the current command of the student’s overall English language ability (speaking, listening, reading, grammar and writing), the appropriate placement level will be determined.

Time Table

Sparta Campus’s country location allows students to study over 11 hours a day.

Time Class Mon~Fri
06:30~07:20 Vocabulary Test ※ Regular Class
– 50 minute class time durations
– 5 minute break (between classes
– Students may choose a variety of class subject content
– Daily vocabulary and idiom testing
– Mandatory self study

Types of Class
One-to-one Class/Native Class/Group Class

※ Vocabulary Test & Sentence Test

– Required
– Students develop their English skills
– There are penalties if students fail the test

※ Self-Study
– Regular self-study time required.
(daily excluding the weekends and holidays)

07:20~07:50 Meal time
08:00~08:50 1st Class
08:55~09:45 2nd Class
09:50~10:40 3rd Class
10:45~11:35 4th Class
11:40~12:30 5th Class
12:30~13:30 Meal time
13:30~14:20 6th Class
14:25~15:15 7th Class
15:20~16:10 8th Class
16:15~17:05 9th Class
17:10~18:00 10th Class
18:00~19:00 Meal time
19:00~19:50 Self Study
20:00~20:50 Sentence Test

※ Every last Friday of the month a level test will be instituted Regular classes will be suspended for the level test
※ Classes schedules subject to change


Sparta Campus

Please feel free to inquire.+63-32-236-1641 (Cebu)Office hours 9:00 - 18:00 [ Weekdays except holidays ]

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