My experience story(Saaya)-SPARTA ENGLISH SCHOOL

Hello I am a CIJ student Saaya
Today, I will introduce our one of the campus named Sparta Campus
We have various regulations and rules in Sparta Campus
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We have a policy of E-policy that students are not allowed to speak their languages
However , we have many Japanese students studying
If they speak Japanese witnessed by our administrator , their names attached on E-policy board above
and they have to compulsorily study in the library for a hour
we also have additional rules depends on how many E-tickets they receive
Curfew Time :
We have a policy of Curfew Time like other schools
However , students studying here in sparta campus are not allowed to go out from Monday to Thursday
otherwise and they need to focus more on studying
Someone who wants to concentrate on only studying , sparta campus is the best place and environment to study
The schedule of students of sparta campus in a day
06:30 ~ 07:20
 Vocabulary Test
07:20 ~ 07:50
 Meal time
08:00 ~ 08:50
 1st Class
08:55 ~ 09:45
 2nd Class
09:50 ~ 10:40
 3rd Class
10:45 ~ 11:35
 4th Class
11:40 ~ 12:30
 5th Class
12:30 ~ 13:30
 Meal time
13:30 ~ 14:20
 6th Class
14:25 ~ 15:15
 7th Class
15:20 ~ 16:10
 8th Class
16:15 ~ 17:05
 9th Class
17:10 ~ 18:00
 10th Class
18:00 ~ 19:00
 Meal time
19:00 ~ 19:50
 Self Study
20:00 ~ 20:50
 Sentence Test
Like above , students start with vocabulary at 6:30am
and finish with Sentence test at 8pm
students are not allowed to be absent from all schedule above even self-directed learning without valid reason
what’s more , if students fail the vocabulary test or sentence test , they are imposed to take retest of either of them
If students even can’t pass the test , they are imposed to have compulsory self-directed leaning
Photos  / Mr.HIROKI
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Self-study room
this self-study room is where students take advantage of self-directed learning or compulsory self-study
students are given their own number and sit on their resignated seat
inside of the room is really cool because couple of air conditioning are always functional
as a place for study , this room is the best so many students come here and study
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