Family ESL Course

Everybody in the family can benefit from learning English, but children – especially young children – need their parents’ care.

At CIJ we make a special effort to accommodate families. The whole family can stay together, eat meals together, and have quality family time together, while everybody in the family (from the youngest to the oldest) learns English.

Program features

  • A variety of experiences for the whole family
  • A very wide age-range can be accommodated
  • Learning English can be a family project
  • CIJ’s skilled teachers are able to teach beginner-level students

Lesson structure

  • Available time: year-round
  • Target: a family unit that includes a guardian
  • Class location: children are taught in a classroom; guardians’ lessons are held in their dormitories
  • Accommodation of guardian/unit configuration: two-to-three family members can share a dormitory room

Class details

1:1 Class Conversation
Philippines has the biggest advantage of the language training on speaking skill. We provide suitable level for students.

1:1 Class Grammar
Complete the grammar lesson qualified to the level of the students, more easily, and not just studying for the test. And develops the students’ comprehension in analyzing the proper usage of grammar. At the same time we can learn from our mistake, as well as we can improve and develop our conversation skills.

1:1 Class Reading
1: 1 is the good point of the class as well as to correct the pronunciation in the leading professional class especially the basic improvement of quick reading comprehension and familiarizing vocabulary words.

1:1 Class Writing
1: 1 class in writing specialized courses through carrying out the sentence with various themes intensively every day, using the professional teaching materials, is a class with an emphasis on the improvement of basic grammar and vocabulary

1:1 Class Listening
1: 1 Enhances their listening skill by providing specialized listening file and giving an interesting content that fits to their level so that they would be able to understand an English conversation naturally

Power Pronunciation
Pronunciation through a native class is an advantage in the Philippines; it is a lesson that can be subjected to intensive training for the United States. The correct English pronunciation and the improvement of intonations are provided.

Time Schedule

Time Junior Guardian Kinder
06.30~07.00 Stretching
07:00~08:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:00~08:50 1:1 Speaking Free time Free time
08:55~09:45 1:1 Reading 1:1 Speaking 1:1 Speaking
09:50~10:40 1:1 Writing 1:1 Reading 1:1 Listening
10:45~11:35 1:1 Listening 1:1 Writing 1:1 Playing
11:40~12:30 1:8 Group 1:1 Listening 1:1 ART
12:30~13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30~14:20 1:4 Debate Free time Kindergarten classes
(Additional costs) or Free time
14:25~15:15 1:8 Native
15:20~16:10 Grammar Class
16:15~17:05 Physical education
17:10~18:00 Self-study/Tutorial
18.00~ Dinner & Free time Dinner & Free time Dinner & Free time

School Campus

Please feel free to inquire.+63-32-236-1641 (Cebu)Office hours 9:00 - 18:00 [ Weekdays except holidays ]

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