Premium Campus Introduction & Features

July 2003 Cebu opens the first of the junior and family specialized center, it is the best of the junior professional language school!


For the past ten years, CIJ academy has offered a children’s English program. Our experience, and the attention we have given this program, has set our program apart from other school’s children’s programs. The Children’s program provides junior students with high-quality education and gives them the care and support they need. Parents can trust CIJ to take care of, and educate, their children.

Capacity 66 Nationality Number
Dormitory 1P 0 Office Staff Japan 1
2P 0 Korea 2
3P 6 Taiwanese 1
4P 12 Vetnam 1
Class Room 1:1 24 Philippines 5
1:4 2 Teachers Philippines 32
1:8 2 Native 1

※ Campus Quiet Time and Curfew
– Students must be quiet at all times
– Adult students may go out on weekends, however they must comply with school regulations and curfews
– Junior students are forbidden to go out unless they are accompanied by a CIJ approved adult minder
– Junior students are not permitted equipment that connects to the internet, such as cellphones, laptops, or other similar equipment

※ Local information
– CIJ is located in the Mabolo area, which is the center of Cebu City. It is near the major shopping malls, restaurants, and a variety of other amenities.
– CIJ is also very close to the Barangay Hall (police station). The location is very safe



CIJ has more than ten years of specialized experience with Junior and Family education

For more that ten years, CIJ as gained the experience and capability to manage its junior program efficiently and in a way that sets it apart from other language schools.

Every One Care System

At CIJ, we make a commitment: all our staff care for our junior students everyday, all day.
No other Cebu language school provides this level of care.

TOTAL CARE SYSTEM ensures thorough life and safety

From the moment the student has registered, they will be given a homeroom teacher. Both the management and the teacher ensure the security of students, and, at the same time, give them the best quality education. Student’s health and all-round well being are also given top priority.

Total Care System

Security guards, the nurse, Japanese teachers, local teachers, all work together to create the TOTAL CARE SYSTEM for students. At CIJ, junior student’s health and safety are given top priority.

Health Care System

In emergency situations, we inform the parents right away, and proper medication is given immediately.

Weakness Cure System

One-to-one classes are the major advantage that the Philippines has in language training. We can improve our student’s English using customized classes and by focusing on student’s weakest English skills.

CIJ has the best and safest condominium-type dormitory facilities

Once in the CIJ facility, student’s have the full benefit of our security.
The environment is peaceful and safe.

Every weekend, students develop international cultural awareness through a variety of activities

Students don’t just learn in the classroom; they have real-world learning experiences every weekend. These outings give students the opportunity to learn about foreign culture and history.

Type Experience location
Religious experience Magellan Cross / Santo Nino Cathedral visit / drinking water, cameras, etc.
Historical experience Fort San Pedro / drinking water, cameras, etc.
Cultural Experience Casa Gorordo Museum / drinking water, cameras, etc.
School experience University of San Carlos or Cebu / drinking water, cameras, etc.
Volunteer Barangay office or orphanage / donated goods and cameras, etc.
Outdoor activities Language hospital conference hall
Sporting activity Metro Sports Center (badminton, rock climbing, etc.) / exercise clothes, exercise shoes drinking water, etc.

Experience learning System

On weekend, students can learn more about the Philippines. They are given opportunities to learn about Filipino history, religion, sports, and they can also volunteer in the community. Through these activities, students can improve their cultural knowledge. The managers and teachers always accompany students on weekend outings.

Level System

Premium Campus students are safe. Students are also strongly encouraged to speak English most of the time.

Please feel free to inquire.+63-32-236-1641 (Cebu)Office hours 9:00 - 18:00 [ Weekdays except holidays ]

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