Introduction & Features

CIJ Premium campus has prepared a program that specializes in improving the students’ English communication skills.

In addition, by using a one-on-one class, which is the strength of the Philippine language training, it offers a specialized class that fits on each student which is one of the purposes in studying English.

In addition, students from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Vietnam while they are living and teaching together they can naturally improve their English skills.

CAPACITY 100 Staff  Nationality
2P 10 Korea 1
3P 11 Tiwan 1
4P 10 Vietnam 1
CLASS ROOM 1:1 55 Philippine 4
1:4 5 TEACHERS Philippine 54
1:8 6 Native 3

※ Life provisions
– Be quiet from 09.00 PM until 07.00 AM in the campus
– On weekdays and weekends going out, staying out is possible (However, Limit the number of times)
– Curfew Monday 〜 Thursday (11:00 to PM) / Friday, Saturday (01:00 to AM)

※Local information
– Located in Mabolo region which is the center of the area, large shopping malls, restaurants and a variety of amenities are around CIJ academy&School, access is very convenient
– The location where the school is located, is also adjacent to Barangay Hall (Police station). It is a very safe surrounding environment.


English Communication
Program that specializes in improving the ability

In order to create even more effective in improving curriculum and program in a short period of language training that specializes in English communication skills, is the strength of the Philippine language training one-on-one class maximizes, pronunciation, which has been pointed out as a disadvantage of all students, a native of tuition to compensate for the intonation problem has been attended with.

More than 70% of foreign nationality

Students from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and so on while having language training life together with other foreign friends can make precious memories together with other students of various nationalities, the use of English in daily life, they can live of them.


Philippines Best dormitory facility

In dormitory they provide cable LCDTV, it also  features a fully prepared dormitory facility to the washing machine so that they can have a private laundry, kitchen so that you can cook separately.

Also gym, pool, sauna, dance hall, the school with the highest level of equipment in the Philippines that are also quipped with various facilities such as table tennis.

Giving an Opportunity for more English studies

In CIJ Premium campus, according to the language training original purpose, and a variety of experience to students, it offers a variety of special curriculum for students trying to provide more of the class.

Especially Saturday Special Class and evening Special Class is, as has been provided free of charge, the CIJ, and support to the best of our ability the passionate student to study English.

Level System

Level system of CIJ Academy&School has three stages which is divided from low beginner to high advance.

This will be based from the Entrance exam they took during orientation and from this students will learn their weakness and which part they need to focus on English skills such as speaking, listening, reading, grammar and writing.


Time Table

At our Premium Campus, students have a full 8-hour day to focus on their English studies.

Time Class Mon~Fri
07:00~07:50 Meal time ※ Regular Class
Each class has 50minutes with a 5minute break between classes

※ Vocabulary Class & Test
To improved your vocabulary in English Classes are from Monday to Friday

※ Saturday Special Class
-we offer a Saturday special class to enhance student`s English skills

※ Monthly Level Test
The test shows how much students have Improved and motivates them to continue to Improve

08:00~08:50 1st Class
08:55~09:45 2nd Class
09:50~10:40 3rd Class
10:45~11:35 4th Class
11:40~12:30 5th Class
12:30~13:30 Meal time
13:30~14:20 6th Class
14:25~15:15 7th Class
15:20~16:10 8th Class
16:15~17:05 9th Class
17:10~18:00 10th Class
18:00~19:00 Meal time

※ Every last Friday of the month a level test will be given, Regular classes will be suspended for the level test

※ Classes are subject to change due to unexpected circumstance

Why choose CIJ?

Premium Campus

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