ESL 4 Course

One of the specialized courses of English Speaking for beginners in English, it is a program to learn English easily and freely through one on one class.
It is a course that focuses on English speaking for four hours a day.

Program features

  • Aims to improve the basic English skills
  • Students who are burdened with group lessons.
  • Intensive lessons using the one on one classes
  • Fun English approach through various teaching methods

Lesson structure

  • Duration: 4 to 24 weeks
  • Lesson time: 50 minute class, 5 minute break
  • Start date: Every other Monday
  • Registration level: Available for L.1

Course details

1:1Class (ESL Class) Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar, Listening 4H

Class Details

1:1 Class Conversation
One of the biggest advantages of language training in the Philippines is 1: 1 class specializing in SPEAKING.

1:1Class Writing
This course focuses on improving the natural grammar and vocabulary skills through professional textbooks so that you can write variety of topics on a daily basis with a 1: 1 class writing class.

1:1Class Reading
This is a class that focuses on improving reading pace, associativity, and comprehension as well as correct pronunciation by reading lessons based on the merit of 1: 1 class.

1:1 Class Grammar
This is a lesson that allows you to learn custom grammar lessons that are tailored to your level, and to learn more about grammar content, which is often easier and not only for the exam.

Time Schedule

Time Class Subject
07:00~07:55 Meal Time Breakfast
08:00~08:50 1 Class Man to Man (ST Class)
08:55~09:45 2 Class Man to Man (RT Class)
09:50~10:40 3 Class Man to Man (WT Class)
10:45~11:35 4 Class Man to Man (GT Class)
11:40~12:30 5 Class Break Time
12:30~13:25 Meal Time Lunch
13:30~14:20 6 Class Break Time
14:25~15:15 7 Class Break Time
15:20~16:10 8 Class Break Time
16:15~17:05 9 Class Break Time
17:10~18:00 10 Class Break Time

Premium Campus

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