Basic Speaking Course

Speaking for Beginner!

This program makes learning English easy and fun with one-on-one classes and small group classes. The activities and teaching provided ensure that students will advance from a beginner level to an intermediate level.

Program features

  • The purpose of the program is to improve in all areas (speaking, listening, reading, writing).
  • The program allows students to focus on and improve their weakest English skills.
  • One-to-one and group classes ensure that students rapidly improve.

Lesson structure

  • Program duration: 2 to 24 weeks
  • 50 minute period/5minute break
  • First day of school: every Monday
  • Registration level: L1 students may register for this course

Course details

1:1Class (ESL Class) Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking 4H
1:4Group Class Debate, Presentation 2H
1:8Group (Native Class) Native Conversation, Presentation, Movie Class, Mythology Class, Public Speaking Class, Situational Class, World History, Intensive English Grammar 1H
Vocabulary Class Vocabulary (Optional) 1H

Class Details

1:1 Class Conversation
It is in the area of improving conversation skills – actually speaking English – that the Philippines has such a large advantage over other countries. In the Philippines, and especially at CIJ, students get all the one-to-one conversation lessons they need.

1:1 Class Grammar
One-to-one grammar learning with qualified teachers allows students to advance easily to a higher level. At CIJ, we teach our students to understand and use grammar properly; we do not just teach grammar in order to pass tests and exams. With our one-to-one teaching, students are not just learning grammar from books and worksheets; they are learning by communicating with their teacher and being corrected.

1:1 Reading skills also benefit from one-to-one teaching. Pronunciation and comprehension are taught and corrected as the student are reading; this allows students to learn more quickly.

1:1 Writing Class
1: 1 Student learn how to write correct sentences (grammar) and create longer compositions such as stories and short essays. CIJ uses professional teaching materials. The focus of grammar class is to improve basic grammar and vocabulary.

1:1 Listening Class
1: 1 Listening class uses an audio file at the appropriate level and with interesting content. In a one-to-one teaching environment, teachers make teach listening skills by ensuring students understand what they are listening to.

Power Pronunciation
Pronunciation is an area that is often best learned by staying in countries such as the United States; however, at CIJ, we give students access to teachers from countries like Canada, the USA, and England.

Reading Café
By working with native-speakers, and utilizing a variety of magazines and news sources, students at level 2 or higher can improve their reading comprehension and speed.

Confident Voice
It is common for students to feel shy and sound unsure when they speak English. Confident voice class is a group class designed specifically to overcome this problem. Students speak allowed as if they were in public; teachers monitor them closely (and compassionately) in order to ensure that they are speaking with enough volume, confidence, and correct pronunciation.

Power Speech
Speaking well comes with thinking well. The Power Speech course involves a wide variety of group activities (projects, debates, etc.) and individual presentations that improve students’ logic, critical thinking and English.

Time Schedule

Time Class Subject
07:00~07:55 Meal Time Breakfast
08:00~08:50 1 Class Man to Man (ST Class)
08:55~09:45 2 Class Man to Man (RT Class)
09:50~10:40 3 Class Man to Man (WT Class)
10:45~11:35 4 Class Group (Power Speech)
11:40~12:30 5 Class Group (Confident Voice)
12:30~13:25 Meal Time Lunch
13:30~14:20 6 Class Man to Man (GT Class)
14:25~15:15 7 Class Native Class (Pronunciation)
15:20~16:10 8 Class Break Time
16:15~17:05 9 Class Break Time
17:10~18:00 10 Class Vocabulary Class(Optional)

Premium Campus

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