My Experience story(Mark)-Fire drill

Hello I am a CIJ student Mark
we had fire drill last Friday

Content of the fire drill was probably the same as fire drill of Japanese school

However , we can call a fire service and practice of extinguishing fire at low cost

As a matter of fact , students put fire out by using them

イメージ 1

Municipal fire service gave lecture of fire drill by giving presentation

personally , I have been curious about how they treat with Emergency case

so I was really grateful to this opportunity given by them

as a content of the fire drill , what they were talking about was the almost same as Japanese way of a fire drill so I felt a bit relieved haha

イメージ 2

this is how we put out fire over there by using extinguisher

it’s really important to learn how to use it

while we are using it , it’s crazily shaking , so it’s better grab it tightly

イメージ 3

He is now putting out the fire over there

pressure of water is extremely strong and become white around fire

it’s like foggy we can’t see anything for while

furthermore , last Friday was too hot we were under the fierce sunshine , we feel like it’s over 50 degrees because of this

イメージ 4

after fire drill , I was so hungry , and ate this local food called sisig

we can eat it at a local restaurant where premium campus is located

the next to the restaurant there is a Japanese restaurant If you are curious about the restaurant you can try to go there by heading for the landmark

Actually many teachers said this sisig in the restaurant is better than one in mang inasal . although , I can recognizes the difference between them , anyway they are both yummy !!

Experience story for today is done !! thank you for reading !!