Government Certification

CIJ Academy & School of Cebu has received the formal permission from the Philippine government to operate.

SSP (Special Study Permit)

SSP is for foreigners who entered the country for the purpose of tourism and studying English.

The SSP is issued by Philippines immigration to verify the identity of the individual, and in order to verify the financial ability of the student to stay in the Philippines. Applicants will need an English bank balance certificate. CIJ Academy&School had received the SSP certification, and will process the SSP and accompanying English bank balance certificate for students.

TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development authority)

The TESDA is the abbreviation of the Philippine Labor and Employment Technical Education and Skills Office of Education (Technical Education and Skills Development authority).

Schools must pass TESDA scrutiny of a school’s curriculum, legal documents related to the schools establishment, management, financial and tax plan, in order to receive a TESDA certification. Screening criteria are very strict. TESDA rates all schools according to their reliability.

About 5% of schools get the top rating for reliability. CIJ Academy & School is a TESDA registered school that has received the highest level of approval from the Philippine government.



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