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Why CIJ ?

The reasons why students choose CIJ academy

The finest dormitory facilities and amenities
CIJ has the best dormitory facilities and amenities of any academy in Cebu. This sets it apart from other academies, and makes it a superior environment for learning English.
At CIJ, you will enjoy a gym, swimming pool, sauna, and superior dormitory facilities. CIJ’s great environment let’s you learn English in comfort.

One-to-one classes and specialized curriculum
The biggest advantage to learning English in the Philippines is the access to one-on-one classes. At CIJ, we use this to its full advantage by making lesson plans tailored to each student’s ability. Even if students can only come and study for a short time, they can still get the intensive teaching they need to improve.

Specialized classes
Every CIJ campus has a variety of specialized classes; these include Vocabulary Class, Sentence Test, Saturday Special Class and Night Class. These classes allow students to improve English skills they may be weak in, and gives them access to the teaching they need advance their skills even if they come for only a brief stay.

Speak English to foreigners
CIJ’s student body is composed of students from a variety of different countries, including Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This gives students the opportunity and encourages them to practice their English with each other. Lots of students make foreign friends!

A variety of student Activities support Activities
CIJ has a variety of great activities for students that are interested in participating. Wednesdays are English movie night. Saturday mornings are dedicated to activities that give our students a direct experience of Filipino culture; our instructors and students visit famous Filipino cultural/tourist sites. Students also have the opportunity to connect and help poorer Filipinos y participating in CIJ’s community outreach program.

A safe and comfortable environment
We take our responsibility for our student’s security very serously. CIJ campuses are very secure. Each capus not only has extensive CCTV, but also a security guards on duty 24 hours a days. CIJ’s campuses are also located in good neighborhoods close to shopping malls, massage shops, government offices and malls.

Innovative teacher training programs
CIJ is dedicated to providing the best instructors. We have an ongoing development/training program for our teachers. Instructors’ abilities are also tested and evaluated regularly.

You can transfer among the campus
CIJ’s different campuses have different styles of teaching English. If a student is not adjusting to a campus, or just wants to have a different experience, they can transfer to a campus that suits them better.


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