It’s time to embark on a new venture!
Take an excursion to the Philippines and study English abroad!

cebu-cij-academy-logoJob applicants everywhere are finding that in the business world of today, many companies are seeking international human-resource personnel to hire and in order to keep up with this trend that’s sweeping the employment scene nowadays, more and more English-language students from East and Southeast Asian countries have begun to travel and take up temporary residence in foreign lands to supplement their studies of English.

Cebu Province is a popular spot in the Philippines for studying English and Cebu City is the place where the best English-language facilities in the Philippines are to be found.

At CIJ in Cebu, we heartily encourage you to come, to study and to improve your English skills here!

At CIJ we strive earnestly towards preparing our students to accomplish their goals and ambitions. CIJ assists its students at improving their English skills by giving one-on-one classes, which provides a tremendous advantage in studying and improving language skills.

CIJ provides a diverse curriculum for students who wish to study abroad and offers two campuses for its students to choose from: the Premium Campus and the Sparta campus. Students have the option to choose the campus they prefer, and during their stay, students are permitted the option of transferring to any of the campuses they choose.

Unlike many large-scale universities and colleges, CIJ Academy&School, with its more limited size, has the ability to pay closer attention to every student, giving them the consideration they deserve while providing proper management and a closely knit social environment for making new acquaintances and forming lasting friendships, many of which continue even when the students return to their home countries.

CIJ Academy&School offers you the best of dormitory facilities and a peaceful ambience to make your stay here a comfortable and enjoyable experience, relaxing in the calm, peaceful environment everyone dreams of having, while taking a break from the daily grind of life as it is back home.

CIJ Academy&School is willing to support all people who seek to communicate in English, and to lead them to learn to take the English language in stride, letting it become their capability, rather than the hurdle and the obstacle they formerly considered it to be.

Here at CIJ, we will support you in your efforts, your goals and ultimately your success in life!

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