My Experience story(Naoko)-Atmosphere of Cebu

Hello I am a CIJ student Naoko
Nowadays , It has extremely been hot
moreover , Only weak wind is produced from Air conditioning
Especially in the morning time , Sunlight directly come into the office so I always get sweat haha
Anyway , I am going to introduce some outer atmosphere of Cebu
イメージ 1
you can see some venders across the rode
those venders are seen everywhere in Cebu
we can buy anything such as groceries , clothes , fruits and so on
whenever I feel hungry , I buy Siomai here with Puso which is rice covered with leave made of coconut
Sometime we can see some products from famous bland although , whether it is authentic or fake is obvious haha
However , those kinds of venders on the rode are bit problem in sanitation although , I don’t mind haha
and so many litters are anywhere on the rode at where those venders did business so strayed dogs , cats , cockroach and so on gather here haha
Due to this , number of accidents have been increasing so we should regulate them doing that if possible but it’s not easy because their lives from business
イメージ 2
I went to this restaurant along with the sea
this is small house made of bumboo called Bahay kubo
sorry for not taking the picture of this very well in the dark
this one accommodate 5 or 6 people inside
we can do anything here such as studying , drinking something like that
in this place case , this restaurant so I just had drink with my friend
we can unwind here by drinking and eating with breathtaking and spectacular view
this place for sure could ease your stress caused by studying hahah
Experience for today is done !! thank you for subscribing this and see ya again !!