Vietnamese Manager

<<<<<<< MEET AND GREET >>>>>>>

Introducing our very own Vietnamese Manager.
Before working here in CIJ, Ms. Sally already visited Philippines for 3 times, 2 times in Cebu City and 1 time in Baguio City.

She studied in Baguio City for 3 months only way back year 2016.
At first, it was really hard for her to stay/study because of the environment that is different from Vietnam especially the food but she enjoyed her stay in the academy.

After studying, she went back to Vietnam. While staying there, she realized and thought that her English skills will be useless if she stays longer in her country and luckily she found CIJ announcement and applied as a Vietnamese Manager. And now she’s currently working in CIJ Classic as a manager.

Ms. Sally loves to watch English movies and listening to music. So many people love her it’s because of her genuine smile, unique personality, an approachable person and know how to listen and understand the situation.

Once again, an upbeat, self-motivated Vietnamese Manager with excellent communication skills, MS. SALLY. 🙂

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