CIJ Classic校の英語講師

Ms. Charina [Head Teacher]
Ms. Charina [Head Teacher] She is our approachable Head Teacher. As a leader , she controls the teachers and students . She's a sort conservative in her teaching strategy from Basic to complex. She likes challenges that can make her to be more competent and credible in her profession. Teaching is her happiness.
Office Staff Ms. Jill
Office Staff Ms. Jill An approachable staff and willing to help every students' concerns especially in their classes and teachers. She makes class schedule for the student. Keep students' file and handle TOEIC Examinations.
Office Staff Mr. Arnel
Office Staff Mr. Arnel One of the Service Manager. A blogger , updates Facebook , make ID's for the students and make announcements for Saturday activities. He is also a photographer and a videographer.
Office Staff Ms. Princess
Office Staff Ms. Princess She check the daily attendance of the students. She also check CIJ Employees attendance. Prepares students' files and entrance examination for the students. A tour guide at a time for the shopping of the new students.
Office Satff Ms. Angelie
Office Satff Ms. Angelie An accomodating Facility Manager. Has willingness to help students about the rooms and other facility. She also check the safety of the students through CCTV. Checking the Guards attendance and manage kitchen financials.
Office Staff Ms. Candy
Office Staff Ms. Candy An approachable Service Manager. She keeps the passports safe and organize. She also receives payments for SSP and VISA FEE. She is in charge of making the warning letter,travel and staying out forms for the students. Students also can ask electric/water bills and book payments.
Team Leader
Team Leader We arrange lecturers as speaking, reading, grammar, listening and writing as grouping. A team leader is organizing the lecturers of each group.
Teacher Keith (Native)
Teacher Keith (Native) One of the Native teacher and a Group class. In the Native class, he tries to be focus and teach his students especially in their pronunciation, intonation and listening skills. He also teaches CNN where his students can focus news and let them hear and understand what does the anchor speaks.
Teacher Bill (Native)
Teacher Bill (Native) He is one of our Native Teacher as well as Group class teacher. He also teaches to IPN (Intensive Power Native) students. Listening and speaking are the main aspects of his class. He also help his students to focus in some difficulties in certain areas.
Teacher Lalaine [Writing]
Teacher Lalaine [Writing] Teacher Lalaine is one of the writing teachers. She is very diligent teacher. She always bring textbooks with her.
Teacher Fred [Speaking]
Teacher Fred [Speaking] One of the speaking teacher.A very responsible and dedicated teacher. He uses his speaking skills to encourage his students to feel free expressing themselves. He also shows professionalism to his students.
Teacher Tina [Writing]
Teacher Tina [Writing] You may not notice her but she is one of our small but terrible writing teacher. Her courage is her weapon to encourage her students to study and have fun as well.
Teacher Jerle [Reading]
Teacher Jerle [Reading] She's one of the reading teacher. She sees to it that her students really understand her discussions. She prepares her lessons everyday. Not just a teacher but also a friend that you can approach too.
Teacher Emmylou [Speaking]
Teacher Emmylou [Speaking] Meet our lovely speaking teacher. She's always prepared in every class she had. She is well motivated and well manage. She is friendly and funny at times in her classes.
Teacher Sherly [Speaking]
Teacher Sherly [Speaking] She is a speaking teacher. She makes sure that while studying they also enjoy. Has a dedication to her work and willing to learn new things from her students.
Teacher Juliet [Grammar]
Teacher Juliet [Grammar] A Grammar and a Filipino group class teacher. She always make a point to get to know her students or their personalities. She always make sure to have an effective learning. She enjoy and loves her work.
Teacher Shiela [Grammar]
Teacher Shiela [Grammar] An opinionated Grammar teacher. She encourages her students to talk more and express themselves. Teaching has been her interesting teaching experience.
Teacher Rocile [Reading]
Teacher Rocile [Reading] A team leader for reading. She likes the idea of being able to share knowledge and create good citizens. She is motivated and shows credibility in her profession.
Teacher Maricel [Reading/WH]
Teacher Maricel [Reading/WH] An amazing and endearing reading and a working holiday teacher. She's extremely hardworking and joyful. Has willingness to offer an attentive ear for a helpful advice.
Teacher Lianie [Writing]
Teacher Lianie [Writing] A bubbly and charming teacher from the writing group. A positive thinker and optimistic.
Teacher Nadette [Speaking]
Teacher Nadette [Speaking] Her speaking abilities makes her stand out in the speaking group. She is always prepared and focus. When it comes to teaching, she adopts a friendly attitude to make her students comfortable.
Teacher Lera [Speaking]
Teacher Lera [Speaking] She's one of our speaking teacher. Her speaking abilities encourages her students to be more confident in everything they do. She is generous and explorer.
Teacher Darlene [Reading]
Teacher Darlene [Reading] An open minded reading teacher. She's understanding to her students and co-teachers.
Teacher Janzel [Reading]
Teacher Janzel [Reading] A Serious teacher from the reading group. He makes sure that he is prepared in every class . He also makes his students comfortable and focus.
Teacher Zyera [Writing/TOEIC]
Teacher Zyera [Writing/TOEIC] Team leader for writing and a TOEIC teacher. She's a really diligent person. She always prepares examination for her students. She especially enjoys seeing a marked improvement on her students' speaking skills.
Teacher Jocelyn [Writing/WH]
Teacher Jocelyn [Writing/WH] A team leader for writing and a working holiday teacher. A cheerful but hardworking teacher. When teaching she'll make a point to know her students' comprehension skills. She really prepares files for her students and a diligent teacher.
Teacher Claire [Grammar]
Teacher Claire [Grammar] Team leader for Grammar and one of the Filipino group class teacher.
Teacher Mary [Speaking/TOEIC]
Teacher Mary [Speaking/TOEIC] Team leader for Speaking and a TOEIC teacher. She is a hardworking teacher and tries her best in everything she does. She cares deeply about her students and passionate.
Teacher Sweden [Writing]
Teacher Sweden [Writing] A dedicated Writing teacher. She's very focused and organize in her class. Has humility despite of her inner intelligence.
Teacher Jen [Reading]
Teacher Jen [Reading] A kind and friendly reading teacher. Shows positivity and effectiveness in her teaching profession.
Teacher Yiennah [Reading]
Teacher Yiennah [Reading] A charming teacher from the reading group. She is talkative in an effective way. She's always prepared and resourceful.
Teacher Jeremie [Reading]
Teacher Jeremie [Reading] A quite simple reading teacher with an inner impressive personality. She shows determination and motivated in her career as a teacher. Friendly and a reliable one.
Teacher Mark [Writing]
Teacher Mark [Writing] A silent type and energetic writing teacher. An approachable, effective communicator and straightforward man. A serious but in the other side he also engaged a little fun to make the students interested in learning.
Teacher Arlene [Reading]
Teacher Arlene [Reading] She's one of the oldest Reading teacher. Shows competence and devoted to her profession. A mother figure to her students and co-teachers. Fun at times but responsible.
Teacher Reina [Grammar]
Teacher Reina [Grammar] A small but hyperactive Grammar teacher. She is very articulate and motivated.
Teacher Israela [Grammar]
Teacher Israela [Grammar] An approachable and energetic grammar teacher. She brings creativity in her teaching skills. A well spoken and generous.
Teacher Ruby [Grammar]
Teacher Ruby [Grammar] She is one of our Grammar and a TOEIC teacher as well. She expresses her ideas clearly and effectively . She's also fun in her class.
Teacher Cherry [Writing]
Teacher Cherry [Writing] She's one of our Writing and a Filipino Group class teacher. She is reliable,resourceful and kind. Loves to talk with her students and has a passion for teaching.
Teacher Kaye [Speaking]
Teacher Kaye [Speaking] She's one of our speaking teacher with a charming outlook. Friendly and determined.
Teacher Honey [Speaking]
Teacher Honey [Speaking] She's one of our speaking teacher . Has willingness to share her ideas and thoughts towards her students. She is creative and interactive.
Teacher Ralph [Writing]
Teacher Ralph [Writing] He is one of our writing teacher with a positive outlook but funny and responsible.
Teacher Joshua [Writing]
Teacher Joshua [Writing] He is one of our writing teacher. He is well concentrated in his classes but a funny person also.
Teacher Jude [Speaking]
Teacher Jude [Speaking] He is one of our speaking teacher. A happy person,friendly and responsible.
Teacher Em-Em [Speaking]
Teacher Em-Em [Speaking] She's one of our speaking and a vocabulary teacher. She's well prepared in her classes and resourceful.
TeacherJohn [Grammar]
TeacherJohn [Grammar] He is one of our grammar teacher. A dynamic and determined in his teaching profession. He is also approachable and friendly.
Teacher Stephen [Reading]
Teacher Stephen [Reading] He is one of our Reading teacher. He is thoughtful and kind.
Teacher Merissa [Grammar]
Teacher Merissa [Grammar] She's one of our oldest grammar teacher. A resourceful and dedicated in her profession.
Teacher Clint [Reading]
Teacher Clint [Reading] He is one of our reading teacher. He looks serious and mysterious but actually he is fun in the class.
Teacher Faye [Speaking]
Teacher Faye [Speaking] She's one of our speaking teacher. Teacher Faye with a bubbly character.
Teacher Zailyn [Reading]
Teacher Zailyn [Reading] She is one of the oldest teacher and a vocabulary teacher.A hardworking and copes professionalism. Showed positive thoughts towards her students. She is freaking proud of being a teacher.
Techer Richelle [Speaking]
Techer Richelle [Speaking] She's one of the diligent Speaking teacher. In the other side of her , students finds her a highly energetic and talkative teacher. She is a real teacher by profession and by heart.

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