Yasu經驗談 – Japanese restaurant

Hello My name is Yasu !! I am studying in CIJ Sparta campus . I have been here for 2 months already ! Time flies haha I hope my English skill has been improved haha anyway , I was craving for Japanese food Yakiniku(Grilled meat) so I went to Japanese restaurant situated at crossroad nearby IT park recommended by my friends !! Recently New road has just been constructed leading to cross road from IT park . Actually this new road is so convenient because it takes less time to reach there from IT park haha around a month ago . there wasn’t the road that’s why we had to turn around IT park .haha you know what IT park is quite big area so it’s so tiring haha I’m pleased to their achievement haha

 Tajimaya at cross road 

we went to Tajimaya at cross road . As you can see the menu above , you can taste various kinds of meat there haha we Japanese traditionally grill beef , pork , chicken and so on . I was shocked those tasted because it’s taste is the exactly same !!


We ate shabushabu . it was more tasty than I expected haha I was satisfied with the quality of the food and service of staffs there haha I feel like they already understood about how Japanese customers are haha so impressed with discipline of a owner of the restaurant haha . By the way , we didn’t choose a menu of all you can eat , we chose what we want to eat instead . but if you want to choose that one you just pay 600 pesos for it !!! I think it’s more reasonable than you eat in Japan and I ensure you that you would be satisfied with it !!

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