Woody experience story talking about blue elephant restaurant

Hi everyone, I am Woody. I am a Taiwanese, I am 23 years old and I am studying in CIJ Premium campus.

Today, I will share some of the experiences of the famous restaurant Blue Elephant in Cebu.

The restaurant is located on the top of the apple one .Every night have live bands will sing live songs. This is a great place for a couple to date and classmates.

About 10 minutes’ drive from premium CIJ, this is usually a good place to meet with classmates on weekdays.

This restaurant serves Thai cuisine and exotic dishes. Cuisine tastes delicious and it is our appetite.

Walk into the restaurant and see the beautiful restaurant layout.

The restaurant is located in the city centre and you can enjoy the city view.

We are sitting in the dining room, we can see the outdoor view of the restaurant through the glass.

You can see the beautiful scenery of AYALA at night, and relax with food and beer.

We ordered some famous food in the restaurant.

This is a sample picture of blue elephant Crab fried rice

The crab fried rice is covered with a full crab yellow, and it has a different taste in our mouth.

The fried rice itself is not too salty, and it is a perfect match with crab yellow.

In this picture can share 3~4 person. And it is very affordable.

Blue elephant premium barbeque Pork ribs or Korean style.

In this restaurant, We can order 2 kinds of menu , first they have Korean style and BBQ style but we chose the pork ribs with the taste of BBQ. The taste is very good. The sauce has a little bit sweet.

The meat is very soft and smooth, biting the bones, and the meat can be separated immediately.

Steamed seafood curry in coco

This dish is a must-visit in this restaurant. It has different kinds of seafood.

They have crab,shrimp,crystal and so on.

The Open lid has a rich aroma of Nanyang curry.

It is full of seafood and perfect with crab fried rice.

Sauce fried chicken


This dish named Sauce fried chicken .The chicken with the special sauce, the chicken is very soft and tender.

I like this dish very much because the sauce is very sweet.

This is everyone’s favorite food. You can order for your family and friends.


I highly recommend this restaurant for you because it is great for dining with friend, family and classmates .The Live band at night singing lyrical songs, drinking beer or bartending. It’s really a good atmosphere and also we can consider as good experience.

Let us still continue to eat here!

Thanks to this wonderful experience, I have had a great weekend!

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