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Hello, I’m Reiji. I’m studying English in CIJ premium campus. This time I would like to introduce you a restaurant which is said to have been to CIJ students once. I often visit with my friends on weekends because it is close to our school.


The restaurant we introduce is called Albus, which is about three minutes’ walk from the CIJ Premium campus. It’s so close that it’s popular with CIJ students and my favorite. If you show them your ID card of CIJ, they will give you a discount!

The pizza and hamburger were delicious, and the volume was also large, so I think I could be satisfied.

My favorite menu is “4season pizza” with four different pizza types. When you come with a friend, you can ask for this.

Then the hamburger was also great.

I ordered pizza, hamburgers and chicken.

I was very satisfied with the volume of the hamburger that jumped out of the buns!
Chicken is also like a kind of Japanese style with sweet and spicy sauce.


After all, it’s beer for pizza! San Miguel is very popular in the Philippines. The beer called Red Horse in the photo is also loved by the locals.


I’m writing a blog, then I’m hungry, so I’m going to finish it today haha.
Please stop by Albus when you come to Cebu!

Thank you for your subscription. Well then!

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