Hi everyone, I am Misa, a student at CIJ Academy, today I introduce to you some street food similar to the one in Vietnam that I ate here.

Although Filipino cuisine is not much different from other Southeast Asian countries, there are extremely attractive dishes. Most dishes have quite prominent colours such as red curry, yellow of turmeric, orange of cashew. The unique feature is Filipino cuisine does not like spicy, you can ask for more while they cook the dish.

1 Tsitsaron

Tsitsaron may sound strange, but according to the Vietnamese dictionary, it is a “modified” fat-like dish of the Philippines called chicharrón by the Spanish. Chefs after slicing pork fat “stick” a little meat will marinate with salt and spices to infuse and “bathe” them in a large flat pan to boil until cooked crispy and give off the aromatic smell. Unique dishes are often served with green papaya soaked chilli vinegar to reduce fat.

  1. Tào phớ Taho

This is one of the lovely Filipino breakfast dishes. On the busy streets of traffic and passersby, somewhere echo the sale of Taho sellers

Also made from tofu but tofu, “Taho” scores “with” the cool sweetness, fragrant aroma of fresh custard mixed with caramel or vanilla and the toughness of pearl


This is a very popular dish, appearing in every Filipino family. This dish originated from Mexico, but Filipino people have modified by cooking meat (usually chicken and pork) with vinegar, salt, garlic, chilli, soy sauce and some other spices. Adobo is often served with steamed rice and some fresh vegetables. This dish is also on the school menu.

4 Grilled banana


Another unique homegrown barbecue in Manila is a banana dish with grilled pork. Sound strange? The freshly baked pork pieces are cut into slices and grilled after being sliced, sliced and sliced with ripe slices of bananas, diners after ordering this dish will be spread on a skewer of caramel sweet caramel.

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