Nalswan Island

Hello! This is TEN who is studying at the CIJ Academy. Three months have passed since I studied abroad. I have less than a month left to study abroad! Time flies… I want to see my Japanese friends soon, but I don’t want to go home because I love Cebu. That’s how I feel…

Now, I would like to talk about Nalswan Island, which I traveled last weekend.

Nalswan is a resort area near Cebu where you can experience diving and island hopping! It took about 50 minutes by boat from the island of Mactan next to Cebu, and it was very accessible, so it was crowded with tourists visiting on a day trip.

We finally arrived at Nalswan Island, shaken by boat!

The resort hotel, restaurant, toilet and the like were well equipped, and even though it is an uninhabited island, you can stay comfortably.


This time I have experienced a canoe! The water was clear enough to see the bottom of the sea.

Still, canoeing is difficult. I couldn’t move forward at all haha.

It took me a long time to be able to balance the hull, so I felt it was a very deep sport.

However, the instructor taught me gently, so even beginners could enjoy learning.

One of the good things about studying in the Philippines is not only the high quality English study but also the fact that you can visit a resort on a day trip on your day off is also one of the attractions.

If you have any chance to study in the Philippines, please visit!
I really recommend Nalswan Island.

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