Moon ‘s 遊學心得分享

How do you fell about the first week in Cebu city, Philippines?

If decision to go a other country to study the second language is crazy, I will be crazy more and more. This is the first time that I have gone abroad. Having many strange thing that I must study to prepare for this trip as check–in, transfer in the airport or the way to eat foods in here, to use electric equipments, etc. Besides the initial target to study English, in Philippines, I extremely feel interesting when I have known many cultures of other country as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China. International friends who are from that country told me about their cultral, family, job, life, etc. Difference in culture between country and other country helps us understand together.

“Why do you study English” is a common question that almost of my teachers asked me. The fact that almost of Vietnamese students study English to have a good job. They belive that studying English in Phillippines will help them have good Curriculum vitae to apply to companies. So, when I introduce that I’m from Vietnam and I came here to study English because I want to become a international volunteer, my teachers surprised. Glowelyn, who, speaking teacher, told me “you’re philanthropist”. After their surprise, I asked myself “How about other countries? What do they study English for?”. Tiffany, one of my teachers, answered that questions. In her opinion, the majority of Taiwanese students study English to go to Australia or Canada or other developed countries to study or find a good job. The same as them, Japanese students want to have good chances in other developed countries. With the abilities of themselves, they believe that English will help them do it. What about Korean students? They came here not only to study English but also to travel. In Korea, they can be student, staff in office or old people. They came here with their friends, husband or wife. Old people studies English because they believe that it’s a way to do exercise for brain. With them, everything in Philippines is cheaper. And it’s convenient to study and to travel.

There are many reasons to everybody choose CIJ Academic School to study English. But, despite any reason, we also feel so happy when we live together in here. In CIJ, my teachers, besides owning wonderful ability about English, is friendly, kind and enthusiastic. Especially, they always look up to us, try to understand what we want and help us practice them. Each of my lesson is very funny. The method that my teachers teach us is brainstorming. It help us understand, remember and use easily. I’m never excited to look forward to go to class in every morning before. But, nowaday I can wake up on time in every morning. They really give me a strong motivation to believe and love that language.

(Chi Moon – Vietnamese Student)

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