I’mMinh, Vietnamese international students in the Philippines

Today I will introduce to you a popular type of transport in the Philippines – JEEPNEY (similar to TukTuk in Cambodia). If in Vietnam, you can call bus but the bus in Vietnam is big and air-conditioned, and JEEPNEY is environmentally friendly!

Note for new arrivals and especially women , you should go out with local people who you can believe do not do alone ,bring small change, ID card.

Below is a picture of jeepney,

Price a trip is very cheap about 8-10 pesos (4-6 thousand VND equivalent), want to pick up JEEPNEY very easily, you just need to go to the main road , and inform the driver of the place you want. It is best to come and go with the locals, although the Philippines is a country that uses English, but for ordinary people they speak very hard to hear, should not bring expensive items on JEEPNEY. If you have to be very careful, similar to the bus in Vietnam . And JEEPNEY is only good for those who are agile, male, interested in exploring. The best is still Taxi or GRAP Taxi, both cool and safe, while JEEPNEY is very hot.

This is my achievement after choosing JEEPNEY as a means to experience the local market in the city CEBU – Carbon Market – Carbon Market.

Price of about 50-100 pesos / kg (equivalent to 25 to 60 thousand VND) is not expensive.

Thank you for watching !

Goodbye and see you guys next week!

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