Heasung經驗談 – My last week

Hello I am CIJ student Heasung . Nice to meet you !! I have been studying here in CIJ for three months now . I think my English has been improved little by little although I don’t know extent to which my English improved haha . Anyway , I introduced my last weekend with all of you !!

Coconuts tree

This is coconuts tree in Sparta campus , actually there are many coconuts tree here haha , nowadays it’s beginning of rainy season so it’s a bit windy and some of coconuts fall down from the tree . haha skin of coconuts is extremely hard and the size is huge so if you walk around coconuts tree , please be careful . haha

oconut Juice

Actually coconut is good for our health according to local people . haha there is water in a coconut and put straw then just drink it . it tastes like bland and insipid haha and smell little scent of coconut . if you are interested to tasting it , let’s try it !! haha Manang (House keeping) know how to cut like the picture above very well haha



Dinner at chobichobi


This is local restaurant named Chobichobi located near premium campus . we ate those local foods such as sisig on the right side of the picture . This picture is actually recommendable because of its reasonable price and taste of course . haha it’s must-visit place . if you study in premium campus . you try there at anytime . the place is walking distance away from the campus . haha

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