Experience story-A trip to Boracay islands

Hi! This is Ayaka who is studying on the CIJ Premium campus. The reason I decided to study abroad at CIJ is that I’m focusing on speaking classes and that the dormitory facilities are fulfilling. The room is big and the bed is big so I can live without any inconvenience. I think you can improve your English in a short period of time because there are relatively more man-to-man classes than there are other schools and your teachers can adjust to their own pace.

Now, the topic I’ll tell you about this time as an experience is about Boracay islands, which I went on a one-night two-day trip on weekends.

It takes about an hour to fly from Cebu City where I am to Boracay! The price is around 3,000 pesos for round trip so I think it is reasonable. Boracay Island is famous as one of the world’s most famous resorts and has many beautiful beaches. The sea water was more beautiful than the pictures!

There is no airport on Boracay Island, so after arriving at the nearby Katiklan airport, I took a port boat for about 10 minutes to reach Boracay Island.

This is the famous beach, White Beach.

I think it’s worth visiting Boracay Island only here because the sea water is clear!

But there are still a lot of good things on Boracay Island.

First of all, the security is very good. The security of the city where my school is located is better than that of Manila, but you still have to be careful. However, Boracay Island did not feel scary when it was walking out at night.

And there are not many Japanese tourists. I’m not sure, but when I visited, there were very few Japanese people. If there were a lot of Japanese who traveled abroad, I wouldn’t feel like I’m traveling.

There is also a lot of activity! There were a lot of paraceling, diving, and island hopping! I chose diving from these! At first I was scared, but gradually I got used to it and ended up enjoying it!

The sun has fallen and the sea has become more beautiful!

I really wanted to share photos of food and diving with you, but the most important thing I want to tell you was the beach on Boracay Island, so I’ll leave only pictures of the sea here lol.

I’ll say it again at the end. Just coming to see this sea is worth coming to Boracay! I was so impressed that it was so beautiful!

Please visit the Philippines for Boracay islands.

Thank you for your subscription! See you again!

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