ASEI’s experience story – typical Philippine dishes

Hello! I’m ASEI who studying at CIJ academy & school. I’m studying on the Premium campus. Premium is located in a place called Maboru in Cebu where security is good and many restaurants around here. I often go out with my friends at the end of school and on weekends.

Now, this time, I would like to introduce the local food that I have eaten in the Philippines and let people who are thinking about studying in Cebu know the local food charm even a little!

First of all, the food to be introduced is “Lecheon,” a typical Filipino dish!

“Although the appearance of dish made from grilled pork has a considerable impact, they cut it into an easy-to-eat size when served at a restaurant.”

That is not greasy and easy to eat. The taste is delicious and it suits the beer.

The next dish I’ll introduce is the dish called ‘sisig’. Place raw eggs on a dish seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar and red pepper and stir them on an iron plate. This is also the best beer snack and has a regular meal.

I introduced two typical Philippine dishes!

There are many other delicious dishes, so please check them out!

Thank you for your subscription!

When I went to the night market, I found ‘Takoyaki’ haha.

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